4 – How do I get funding?

Start with a very clear idea of what you want to achieve with the money and stick to a plan.  Tweaking your plan overmuch to suit every different fund you apply too will not work.

Read a lot of stuff first – start here with the Guide to Arts Funding in England

The big funds have strict criteria and painfully long forms and may not pay out money except to a registered charity.  In this case, pick the funds that suit your aims and objectives and research a charity that might be able to facilitate.  Specifically, offer to write a bid for funding for a charity that may want a music project you can provide and write it in such a way that you end up as the deliverer of the project as well.

There are small funds in existence, often with less criteria but with a small geographical remit.  Local Authority Arts Officers are a source of information on this and some contact details can be got from the Voluntary Arts website

It is a good idea to contact the administrators of the fund in advance and discuss your application in advance.  They know the common mistakes and can provide invaluable assistance.  It always pays to take their advice.

Final tips: research, honesty, read everything, give them exactly what they ask for – no more, no less.


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