3 – Should I do a gig for free?

Many musicians are faced with the dilemma of whether or not they should do a free gig.  Many musicians have no choice, starting out and doing certain kinds of music will have to do a gig that does not include a fee.  If it helps, try and remember these things:

Just because there is no fee does not mean the gig is valueless.  

1 – It is an opportunity to sell CD’s and vinyl

2 – You just do not know who is listening

3 – It could be a worthwhile cause and having principles as a band is laudable

4 – The shop window gig is something you can invite potential clients too; set up a show and invite loads of mates round to generate a buzz, you stand a chance if a journo or promoter turns up that they see a kick-ass gig.

The free gig is wrong when you know you are playing a venue that normally pays wedge to bands – you will be undermining the whole economic system.

You might also meet the boy/girl/creature of your dreams as well!